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 Young Professionals of Louisville come out for an after-work tennis party!


Players can register together as a team of 4-8 participants or they can sign up as an individual and be placed on an appropriate team.  Each team must have a minimum of 2 men and 2 women and any player who shows up on match night must play in at least 1 match.  This league is designed to be a fun experience for all players, and while standings and scores will be recorded, they will not be emphasized as a key portion of the league.  

As part of their league registration fee, players will receive:

·       8 weeks of tennis play at Seneca Park

·       All Ball and Court costs covered

·       A Louisville Young Adult Tennis League T-Shirt

·       Access to all food and drink specials following match at Saints

·       A 1-year USTA membership (for non-members) qualifying participant for additional USTA programs.

·       Networking with other young professionals in Louisville in a relaxed, active, and social atmosphere


If you are interested but do not want to register online, you can email bhash@ustaky.com or bgordon@ustaky.com and do a manual registration or you can also call the USTA Kentucky office at 502-491-1290 and ask for Bryan or Brad.

Facility: Seneca Park

Important Dates
Registration Opens
Monday, July 6th

Registration Closes
Monday, August 17th

Play Begins
Mon. August 17th (Session #1)
Tue. August 18th (Session #2)

Play Ends
Mon. October 5th (Session #1)
Tue. October 6th (Session #2)

Cost: $47: USTA Members
         $60: USTA Non-Members

Your fee will include:

·       8 weeks of tennis

·       Ball/Court Costs

·       T-Shirt

·       After Match Drink and Food Specials

·       1-Year USTA Membership

Play Format: 5 Doubles Matches
(Men’s, Women’s, and Mixed)

Play Levels:  All levels welcomed 

Play Time:  630-830 PM

After-Party: Each Week, 830-10PM
(Saints, 131 Breckenridge Lane)


USTA Team Tennis

Who Plays USTA Team Tennis?

USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is a group consisting of at least six players that participates in organized match play and practices for a minimum of 12 hours over a four- to six-week season. The balance between match play and practice time is decided between the coach and players.

Players who learned basic tennis skills through entry-level programs have the opportunity to test their skills in match play with USTA Team Tennis (Adult). Normally, the emphasis is on playing doubles, which maximizes court usage, promotes team play, and encourages social interaction between participants.

The recommended formats offered include: Practice and Play, Round Robin, and DuPont WORLD TEAMTENNIS. Each format has unique characteristics that may make it the best choice for your facility and players.

USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is designed to promote organized play at your facility. However, as players improve and become eager to meet new opponents, you may arrange match play with teams from nearby facilities. The competition should be low-key, with a greater emphasis placed on fun, playing-skill development, and social interaction among participants. The goal is to convert each participant into a "frequent tennis player," which is someone who plays 21 times or more a year.

What is USTA Team Tennis?

USTA Team Tennis (Adult) is the "Play" component of the USA Tennis Program Pathway for adult players who are age 19 years or older. It is designed for players who have completed USTA Tennis 1-2-3 and are ready to focus more on match play while continuing to work on skill development. Those with basic skills seeking an opportunity to compete are also welcome to join.

USTA Team Tennis provides organized match play and team practices that emphasize fun and the social benefits of tennis. Eventually, players may advance to more competitive play on teams in USTA League Tennis or in USTA Tournament Tennis.

The general guidelines for USTA Team Tennis allow players to be part of a team, to play tennis for health and fitness benefits, and to learn to play the sport with others of similar skill and interest. The flexibility of recommended formats offered allow coaches or directors of tennis to tailor the program to their local situation and the needs of the players.

For further information, contact your Community Tennis Association.

In The Workplace

USTA Team Tennis in the Workplace can be a great tool for developing team-building, creating leadership opportunities, and increasing employee morale and overall health. It can also increase internal and external networking opportunities. Even more importantly, tennis is FUN!

Because the majority of adults ages 25-50 are members of the American workforce, USTA Team Tennis in the workplace has the potential to introduce a large, untapped population to the many benefits of tennis. Many of these individuals have never played tennis; others may have played in the past and would enjoy playing again.

USTA Kentucky has access to a variety of formats and option that include forming programs within a single workplace or participating against different workplaces in your area.

USTA Team Tennis - In the Workplace
Louisville Tennis Association
Program Coordinator - Manish Bhatia - (502) 231-4048
May 26-August 4
Registration Ends - May 20
3 men's courts, 3 women's courts, and mixed doubles
age 19+
Thursday evening
Combine NTRP rating up to 6.0, 7.5, and 8.5
USTA Member fee - $32
non-USTA Member fee - $38

USTA Team Tennis 50+

It is no secret that the largest growing population in the United States is the 50+ variety. USTA Team Tennis 50+ offers the perfect solution to those looking to enjoy an active lifestyle, socialize with new friends and old, and have a great time participating in tennis.

Player Benefits

  • Opportunities to participate in organized play
  • Opportunities to improve playing skills
  • USA Team Tennis T-shirts are available at discounted prices
  • Playing tennis with friends in a team setting
  • Opportunities to meet new people
  • Improve personal health and fitness

Coach Benefits

  • Offer a revenue-producing program
  • Generate activity on the tennis courts
  • Stimulate traffic and sales in the pro shop
  • Develop frequent players who may join other programs
  • Offer "lesson takers" an opportunity to become "frequent players"

Steps to Starting a Program

  1. Determine what USTA Team Tennis program is practical for your area and your target market.
  2. Contact USTA Kentucky's USA Team Tennis Program Coordinator.
  3. Appoint a local program coordinator.
  4. Establish local program regulations.
  5. Obtain court time.
  6. Market the program.
  7. Market the program some more.
  8. Play Tennis!

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