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About Community Tennis Associations and List

What is a Community Tennis Association?

A USTA Community Tennis Association (CTA) is any incorporated, geographically defined, not-for-profit, volunteer-based organization that supports or provides programs which promote and develop the growth of tennis. As an association, the group works to coordinate and maintain tennis programs and services, guaranteeing that they are open and accessible to all.  These tennis enthusiasts may act as advocates, program administrators, promoters or fund-raisers.  Fueled by local volunteers, they exist to promote and develop the game of tennis in their respective communities.

There are nearly 1,200 registered USTA CTAs across the United States and 26 in Kentucky. Charged with developing and promoting tennis at the grassroots level, many of these organizations partner with other community organizations to help grow tennis locally. See below for a current listing of Kentucky CTAs.  If you are interested in starting a CTA or learning more about CTAs, please contact Andrew Walker by phone at 502-491-1290 or 888-582-8674 or by email at awalker@ustaky.com.


Bluegrass Tennis Association
Contact: John Herring
jherring@qx.net / 859-536-6322 / www.bgtennis.org

Central Kentucky Tennis Series
Contact: Chris Godby
info@cktstour.com / 270-866-8875 / www.cktstour.com

Elizabethtown Tennis Commission
Contact:  Bo O'Brien
bobrien@bbtel.com / 270-737-4837 / www.etowntennis.usta.com

Frankfort Tennis Association
Contact: Leony Barroso
LeonySB@gmail.com / 502-604-0626 / www.frankforttennisrocks.com

FuzzyBall Tennis
Contact: Evalds Jurans

Greater Ashland Tennis Association
Contact: Jerry Groce
jgroceusta@windstream.net / 606-329-2245 / www.ashlandtennis.usta.com

Georgetown Tennis Association
Contact:  Julie Dick
www.georgetowntennis.org / 859-433-4226

Henderson Tennis Club
Contact: Brian Williams
brian.williams01@att.net / www.hendersontennisclub.com 

Lone Oak Tennis Association
Contact: Lisa Dapp
ldapp@comcast.net / 270-217-0141 / www.loneoaktennis.org

Louisville Area "10 and Under" Tennis Association
Contact:  Susan Habeeb

Louisville Tennis Association
Contact: Lindagarde Dalton
Lindagarde@insightbb.com or LTA@insightbb.com / 502-935-0307 / www.louisville.usta.com

Mercer County Tennis Association
Contact: Diane Beauchamp  
diane_beauchamp@yahoo.com / 859-734-9482

Metcalfe County Tennis Committee
Contact: Vickie Stephens 

metcotr@scrtc.com / 270-670-9192

Mountain Tennis Circuit
Contact: Bobby Smith

Newburg Tennis Association
Contact: Gloria Johnson
gjannej3@aol.com / 502-553-6603 / www.newburgtennis.usta.com

Owensboro-Daviess County Tennis Association                                                                          Contact:Phil Clark                                                                                                           
www.owensborotennis.netphil@ffponline.net /270-683-1554

Paducah Tennis Association
Contact: Lisa Lauck
llauck@thecarsoncenter.org www.paducahtennis.usta.com

Pennyrile Area Tennis Association
Contact: Richard Wimsatt   
pennyrileareatennis@gmail.com / 270-484-0471 /  www.hoptowntennis.com                                                                                          

Purchase Area Tennis Association
Contact: Chuck Whitnell
whitnellc@newwavecomm.net / 270-247-0863 / www.eteamz.com/PATA

Rising Stars of Kentucky Tennis
Contact: Charles Crawford
c1dad@aol.com / 502-291-1163

Southern Kentucky Tennis Association (SOKY)
Contact: Gabby Springs SOKYTENNIS@AOL.COM 
/ www.sokytennis.com

Tennis Alliance of Louisville Kentucky                                                                                                                    
president@talktennisclub.com /

Tennis Association of Central Kentucky (TACK)                                                             
Contact: Casey Hutchens                                                         
caseyrayhutchens@gmail.com /

Tennis Association of Louisville Kentucky (TALK)
Contact: Karen Kutz
kkutz@fbtlaw.com 502-905-5389 / www.talktennis.org

Taylor County Tennis Association
Contact: Carol Tucker
ctucker10@comcast.net / 270-403-6571 

West Louisville Tennis Club
Contact: Freddie Hanner
freddie.hanner@gmail.com / 502-774-3373


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