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Boys 18s: Drew Singerman

Boys 16s: Matt Halpin

Boys 14s: Jacks Lancaster

Boys 12s: Eli Stephenson

Boys 10s (Green): Eric Ormsby

Boys 10s (Orange): Ty Fox


Girls 18s: Eva Borders

Girls 16s: Carrie Beckman

Girls 14s: Nejla Zukic

Girls 12s: Annie Sims

Girls 10s (Green): Ellie Hammond

Girls 10s (Orange): Anna Granger


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Joe Creason Kentucky State Qualifier presented by Verizon/Cellular Sales (KY Level 1, Southern Level 3, YTP Green Level 1 and Orange Level 1)
May 27-31, Louisville
Boys and Girls 10's (Green Level 1, Orange Level 1), 12's, 14's, 16's, 18's (Yellow)
Tournament Director: Bryan Hash (
Registration Deadline: May 19th (


For those looking into playing the Southern Closed Championship but not able to play the Creason, you must fill out the following waiver to be under consideration for one of Kentucky's allotted spots.  Please return this waiver by the registration deadline of May 19th.  You can find the waiver HERE.  


If we do not have any rain or delays, we will schedule the event to finish on Tuesday, May 30
th and the 31st will be used as a rain day.  You should fully plan on playing into Wednesday as it is rare to get 4 consecutive days without rain.  We will be playing at Seneca Park, Bass-Rudd Tennis Center, Kentucky Country Day High School, Top Gun Academy, and Saint Xaiver High School.  It is possible we might also play matches at Crescent Hill Park.

The registration deadline for the event this year will be midnight on Friday, May 19
th.  THERE WILL BE NO LATE REGISTRATIONS ACCEPTED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCE.  I emphasize this because registration is open right now so you should go ahead and register now.  That way if you have computer issues we can address them now.  I am absolutely serious that there is not an excuse that will allow late entries.  You have 1 month to register.  You can register for the tournament here

The junior competition committee voted this year to allow players to play singles in one age division and doubles in a different age division.  Players must register for their respective doubles division by the registration deadline of May 19th and must declare their doubles partner online by 5pm on Monday, May 23rd.  We highly encourage parents/players to find their own doubles partners. 

All seeds will be published by 5pm on Tuesday, May 24
th.  All first match times for singles/doubles and complete draws will be published by 5pm on Wednesday, May 25th.  All singles draws will be Feed-In Consolation through the Quarterfinals.  All doubles draws will be Single Elimination.    

All players must have a birth certificate on file with USTA Kentucky/USTA Southern to participate in this event.  Many of you will already have a birth certificate on file if you have participated in the Creason or Southern-level events in the past.  If you are unsure if your birth certificate is on file, you can check here.  If you don’t have a birth certificate on file with USTA, you can either scan and email to me at or fax them to our office at (502) 491-1228.  Please check on these early so we don’t have to hunt you down the week of the tournament and bring your child’s entry into the event at risk. 

This year, for the first time, we will be holding both a GREEN BALL and ORANGE BALL 10 and under division.  The green ball division will be eligible to only Green Level 1 players in the Youth Tennis Progression system.  The orange ball division will be eligible for those in Green Level 1 or Orange Level 1.  Players can only play in one division or the other.  The green ball division will be the division playing for the quota spots to the Southern Closed Championships (info below).  It is our plan, depending on draw size, to complete the 10U divisions by Sunday, May 28th.

This year we will have blocks of hotel rooms for those who are coming from out of Louisville.  You are under no requirement to stay at the reserved blocks but it is simply an offering we are giving to you.  

-Ramada Louisville North (
1041 Zorn Ave, Louisville, KY 40207
To Make Reservations: (502) 897-5101
The guest should say that they are part of the Joe Creason State Qualifier Tournament.   The room rate will be $70+tax/day. Complimentary breakfast will be served)

This event is actually our state’s qualifier into the Southern Closed Championships, which are obviously the championships closed for the Southern section.  The basics are that each state in the section receives a certain number of automatic spots into the Southern Closed based off their state qualifier.  In Kentucky, we receive 9 spots into each gender/age division in the 12-18 age divisions, and 10 spots in the 10U division.  The junior comp committee long ago decided that 6 of those 9 spots will be determined by results from the Creason and the other 3 spots would be decided through a wildcard process.  Now, here are some keys points everybody needs to understand:

-Only singles results are considered for those automatic spots.  What that means is you need to sign up your child up in the singles age division they would like to play at the Southern Closed.  So, if you sign your child up for the 14U division at the Creason, but they would like to play 12U at the Southern Closed, Kentucky will not endorse them with one of our 9 spots.  Please make sure you sign up in the correct singles age division. 

-The following will be given automatic spots: Winner, Runner-Up, 3rd Place, 4th Place, Consolation Winner, Consolation Runner-Up

-The junior competition committee will then select the remaining 3 spots (4 spots in 10U) on Thursday June 1st.  Those wildcard spots will be selected based on a variety of factors, including Southern ranking, Creason result, and sportsmanship. 

-Now, despite the fact that Kentucky is given 9-10 automatic spots in each division, THAT DOESN’T MEAN IF YOU DON’T QUALIFY THROUGH CREASON THAT YOU CAN’T PLAY.  There will always be spots available in the championship either from states not meeting their quota, wildcards, late withdrawls, etc.  So, if you have any interest in wanting to play at the Southern Closed, go ahead and sign-up.  Even if you don’t end up getting selected, you won’t be charged on your credit card.  It doesn’t hurt you to go ahead and sign up.

-YOU SHOULD REGISTER FOR THE SOUTHERN CLOSED BEFORE THE CREASON.  The deadline for the Southern Closed is June 4th but again, it doesn’t hurt you to go ahead and sign-up before you know if you will actually play.  Here are the registration details:

-10U (Tuscaloosa, AL, June 9-12): REGISTER HERE

-12U (Cary, NC, June 10-17): REGISTER HERE

-14U (Macon, GA, June 10-17): REGISTER HERE

-16U (Little Rock, AR, June 10-17): REGISTER HERE

-18U (Mobile, AL, June 10-17): REGISTER HERE