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Welcome and thank you for logging on to the USTA Kentucky Jr. Team Tennis page.

2014 JTT State Championships--July 18-20 in Elizabethtown!

Medical Release Form (Please have all players/parents fill out--turn in all from team)


Coaching Information
Coach/Captain Responsibilities

SCHEDULES (will be posted here in July)
JTT State Championship Weekend Schedule

Eligibility JTT Ranking List



2014 USTA KY State JTT Regulations

2014 USTA National JTT Regulations

2014 USTA Southern Additions to National Regulations


For more information about Jr. Team Tennis in Kentucky, please contact info@ustaky.com


-Where do I go to Register for a JTT League/Team?  Click here to go to TennisLink to sign up.
--Step-by-Step Instructions to Sign Up:  Click 
here for a "How To" sign up for a team, whether you have a team number or not.
--Click to get contact info for your local JTT Coordinator: 
JTT Coordinator Contact List
--Click here for an updated list of programs that are currently registering for Summer JTT Programs.

 You don't have to be a tennis player or know a lot about the game.  Also, you don't have to be a USTA member. 
here to see a list of JTT Coordinators in Kentucky.
--Step-by-Step Instruction to Sign Up:  Click 
here for a simple "How To" Guide on registering as a captain.
--All Captains and Co-Captains must also pass a background check and complete an online youth safety course.  Click 
here for links to complete these.  Click here for a step by step process of the background screening.
here to begin signing up as a Captain.
here for an updated list of programs that are currently registering for Summer JTT Programs.
--Please feel free to contact your local coordinator(s) or USTA KY for more information about JTT, click 
here for list.

WHAT LEVEL SHOULD I PLAY?  Advanced...Intermediate.  Click to view Southern's Guide on Determining a Player's Level. 
12 and Above: If in the top 300 STA, must play Advanced.
10 and Above: If in the top 100 STA, must play Advanced.
Click here to look up your Advanced JTT Player.

USTA Jr. Team Tennis Website
Jr. Team Tennis 

***Tiebreak Procedures***
All JTT Leagues will use the traditional tiebreaks, not the Coman Tiebreak.  (Coman is only used in Adult Leagues


Heat and Hydration Concerns for Tennis Players 




Sample Marketing Materials

How to Register for JTT Online

How to Enter Scores
Group Registration Form

Jr. Team Tennis 12-18 (including Fall Interscholastic Leagues)


Sample Captain/Coordinator Manual (information on league rules, important dates, and how to use TennisLink)

Sample JTT Flyer

Sample JTT Flyer 2

Sample JTT Flyer & Invitation to Players

Sample JTT Brochure

Sample JTT Brochure 2

Sample JTT Registration Form

Sample JTT Captain Flyer (with information on how to set up team in TennisLink) 

Fall Interscholastic Summary


QuickStart Leagues (8 & 10)


2011 QuickStart Parameters

Sample QuickStart After-School Program Registration Form

Sample QuickStart JTT Registration Form

Sample QuickStart Flyer

Sample QuickStart JTT Brochure

Sample QuickStart Certificate




Sample Insert for School Newsletter

Sample School Announcement




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