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JTT State Championships                       Fall Interscholastic Championships
July 15-17, 2016                                     October 15-16
Owensboro, KY                                        Louisville, KY

USTA Southern has opened registration for grant applications for the Play It Forward initiative.  Over $1.2 million is available for programs and tournaments focused on innovative ideas and growth based programming.  For more details on the grant requirements, click here.  For the actual application, you can click here.  The deadline for this quarter will be March 31st, 2016.  For additional questions on the grant, please email John Callen at callen@sta.usta.com

-2015 State Middle School Championship Jamboree
*Over 100 kids from around the state came to Louisville for the 1st ever Middle School State Championship Jamboree on November 14th and 15th.  Teams from Louisville, Lexington, Frankfort, Georgetown, and Versailles played JTT matches over 2 days to determine a champion.  The Crosby Cougars came out on top and were declared champions.     


-2016 Advanced Players List
*Any player that was ranked in the Top 300 in the Southern Section in the 12-18's division must play in Advanced divisions of Junior Team Tennis.  The Top 100 in the Southern Section in the 10's Division can not play in a Beginner Division at any level.

-Background Checks
*All JTT Coaches, Coordinators, Captains, and Co-Captains must complete a 2-step background check to qualify for those specified positions.  The process is fairly simple and should take between 30-40 minutes to complete.  Backgrounds from other workplaces or organizations will not be usable to qualify for USTA Junior Team Tennis positions.  Here are the 2 steps required to complete your background check:

STEP 1: CLICK HERE, You will create an account and then complete the SafeSport training course.  You do not have to complete the course in one sitting.  Make sure to keep track of your account information.

STEP 2: CLICK HERE, This is your actual background check application.  PLEASE KEEP TRACK OF THE 16-DIGIT ID NUMBER THAT IS GIVEN TO YOU. 

-2015 Junior Team Tennis Kentucky Regulations
(approved by USTA Kentucky Jr. Recreation Committee and Board of Directors)
*FYI: these regulations are in reference to Championship JTT programs.  All other Junior Team Tennis programs are not regulated by these regulations.     

 -Interested in getting your child into a Junior Team Tennis Program?  First, you need to contact the Local League Coordinator in your area to determine which programs are offered at what times in the year.  Below are contact details for each area that offers Junior Team Tennis:

ASHLAND (Year-Round Programs)
Jerry Groce (jgroceusta10s@roadrunner.com)

BOWLING GREEN (Fall Interscholastic)
Jeff True (jefftrue@bellsouth.net)

ELIZABETHTOWN (Summer JTT, Fall Interscholastic)
Teri Christensen (tlc516@gmail.com)

FRANKFORT (Year-Round Programs)
Sonya Harward (sonya.harward@ky.gov)

GEORGETOWN (Year-Round Programs)
Michelle Jones (tennistn5@aol.com)

HENDERSON (Summer and Fall Programs)
Kim Poynter (kima@maddenco.com)

LEXINGTON (Year-Round Programs)
Jo Wallen (joanne@ltctennis.org)
LEXINGTON (Summer JTT, Fall Interscholastic)
John Herring (jherring@ddfky.com)
LEXINGTON (Summer JTT, Middle Schools, Winter JTT)
Christy Herring (playtennis@rocketmail.com)

Ann Crush (acrush@twc.com)
LOUISVILLE (Middle Schools)
Cissy Lehr (cissylehr@twc.com)
LOUISVILLE (Summer JTT, Middle Schools)
Lindagarde Dalton (lindagardedalton@gmail.com)
LOUISVILLE (10 and Under)
Dee Maynard (deemaynardky@gmail.com)
LOUISVILLE (Fall Interscholastic, 10 and Under)
Kellee Dicks (hsfalljtt@yahoo.com)

OWENSBORO (Summer JTT, Fall Interscholastic)
Noel Clayton (noelclayton@roadrunner.com

PADUCAH (Summer JTT, Fall Interscholastic)
Mark Prude (mprude@ashland.com)

VERSAILLES (Summer JTT, Middle Schools)
Rainey Johns (rjohns@vwcparksrec.com)

For more information about Junior Team Tennis, you contact the State League Coordinator, Bryan Hash, at 502-491-1290 or bhash@ustaky.com.

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