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Adult Tournaments


Click here for a list of the current 2016 USTA Kentucky Sanctioned Adult Tournaments


USTA Southern has opened registration for grant applications for the Play It Forward initiative.  Over $1.2 million is available for programs and tournaments focused on innovative ideas and growth based programming.  For more details on the grant requirements, click here.  For the actual application, you can click here.  The deadline for this quarter will be March 31st, 2016.  For additional questions on the grant, please email John Callen at callen@sta.usta.com

The following are the STA 300 Point Tournaments currently sanctioned in Kentucky

July 1-3
Southern NTRP Indoor Championships
ID: 700009316
Registration Opens: May 19th

August 12-14
Southern Adult Indoor Open
ID: 700015116
Registration Opens: March 28th

The final rankings for all adult divisions in 2015 have been published.  To find your respective division, click here, and search the rankings that were published on December 30th. 

Congrats to the following players for finishing #1 in their divisions in 2015:

Men’s Open Singles: Michael Cunningham
Women’s Open Singles: Emily Novak

Men’s Open Doubles: Michael Cunningham, Parker Gregory
Women’s Open Doubles: Emily Novak

Men’s 2.5 Singles: Roy Harrison, Paul Novielli

Men’s 3.0 Singles: Martin Bauer
Women’s 3.0 Singles: Kristen Brannon

Men’s 3.5 Singles: Todd Earwood
Women’s 3.5 Singles: Angie Anvar

Men’s 4.0 Singles: Clint Dockery
Women’s 4.0 Singles: Meghan Bielski

Men’s 4.5 Singles: Jeffrey Bahng

Men’s 3.0 Doubles: Roy Harrison, Martin Bauer, Victor Littleton, Matt Savage
Women’s 3.0 Doubles: Lisa McCoy

Men’s 3.5 Doubles: John Kaelin
Women’s 3.5 Doubles: Lillian Harris, Lisa Moore

Men’s 4.0 Doubles: Jeffrey Rogers, Todd Stasko
Women’s 4.0 Doubles: Dawn Miesner, Nicole Simpson

Men’s 4.5 Doubles: Landon Howe

Men’s 30 Doubles: Parker Gregory

Men’s 35 Singles: Michael Cunningham
Men’s 35 Doubles: Michael Cunningham

Men’s 40 Singles: Kevin McAdams
Men’s 40 Doubles: Jeffrey Anderson, Ken Putlak

Men’s 45 Singles: Rick Mount, Rob Frayser

Men’s 50 Singles: Keith Nethery
Men’s 50 Doubles: Ken Putlak
Women’s 50 Singles: Debra Laird

Men’s 55 Singles: Jody Bingham

Men’s 60 Singles: Mike Knabel
Men’s 60 Doubles: Mike Knabel, Alladin Mitha

Men’s 65 Singles: Lloyd Settle
Men’s 65 Doubles: Lloyd Harris

Men’s 70 Singles: Tyler Thomas
Men’s 70 Doubles: Henry Baughman, James Baughman

Men’s 75 Singles: Henry Baughman
Men’s 75 Doubles: Henry Baughman

Father-Son Doubles: Rick Mount, Cameron Mount
Father-Daughter Doubles: Kelly Shircliff, David Compton
Mother-Daughter Doubles: Lynne Haas, Anna Haas
Mother-Son Doubles: Tange Skaggs, Elijah Skaggs
Husband-Wife Doubles: Grant Delaney, Lucie Delaney

Tournament Legend


  • M = Men, W = Women, X = Mixed, Op = Open, s = singles, d = doubles

  • (Age Range) = Lets you know what age events are available for the tournament ďż˝ please see the age requirement chart.

  • (NTRP Level) = Lets you know what NTRP Levels are available for the tournament
  • Example: MW (2.5-5.0)sd ďż˝ this would indicate that for both Men and Women, the events offered are NTRP levels 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0, for both singles and doubles teams.

  • Example: MW (25-70)sd ďż˝ this would indicate that for both Men and Women, the events offered are for those that meet the age requirements between 25-70 years old, for both singles and doubles teams.


  • FS = Father-Son Doubles
    MD = Mother-Daughter Doubles
    FD = Father-Daughter Doubles
    MS = Mother-Son Doubles

Draw Types:

  • SE = Single Elimination, FIC = Feed-In Consolation, FMLC = First Match Losers Consolation, RR = Round Robin, MFIC = Modified Feed-In Consolation, COMP = Compass


  • F = Finals, PL = Playoffs, SF = Semifinals, QF = Quarterfinals, 16 = Round of 16,
    32 = Round of 32, 64 = Round of 64, 128 = Round of 128, 256 = Round of 256
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