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Adult Tournaments

2015 USTA Sanctioned Adult Tournaments
Click here for the 2015 Adult Schedule.  The Board of Directors approved a second sanctioning period for 2015, so please check back in June for any events added to the schedule!

NEW RULE (as of 5/1/2012):
Recovery Rule: Extended length of rest between singles matches in Adult, Senior, and NTRP Divisions. In all singles matches in Adult, Senior, and NTRP Divisions in which the match format is two out of three standard tiebreak sets or more, a rest period of two hours shall be offered by the Referee before the player’s next singles match. This Rule does not apply to short set matches and matches that play a tiebreak in lieu of a final third set, nor to any match played indoors where the duration of the match is less than 120 minutes.

All Adult Tournaments
2014 KY  Adult Tournament Schedule

  2012 USTA KY Adult Tournament Rules & Regulations...click here (updated 5/1/12 with Recovery Rule)

Friend at Court

The 2014 USTA Friend at Court Publication is available, click here to view

All matches are played using The Code, click here to view.

Tournament Legend


  • M = Men, W = Women, X = Mixed, Op = Open, s = singles, d = doubles
  • (Age Range) = Lets you know what age events are available for the tournament � please see the age requirement chart.
  • (NTRP Level) = Lets you know what NTRP Levels are available for the tournament
  • Example: MW (2.5-5.0)sd � this would indicate that for both Men and Women, the events offered are NTRP levels 2.5, 3.0, 3.5, 4.0, 4.5, and 5.0, for both singles and doubles teams.
  • Example: MW (25-70)sd � this would indicate that for both Men and Women, the events offered are for those that meet the age requirements between 25-70 years old, for both singles and doubles teams.


  • FS = Father-Son Doubles, MD = Mother-Daughter Doubles,
    FD = Father-Daughter Doubles, MS = Mother-Son Doubles

Draw Types:

  • SE = Single Elimination, FIC = Feed-In Consolation, FMLC = First Match Losers Consolation,
    RR = Round Robin, MFIC = Modified Feed-In Consolation, COMP = Compass


  • F = Finals, PL = Playoffs, SF = Semifinals, QF = Quarterfinals, 16 = Round of 16,
    32 = Round of 32, 64 = Round of 64, 128 = Round of 128, 256 = Round of 256

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