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Junior Competition

Junior Competition

This page is designed for junior tournament players and parents. Included on this page is information regarding the Junior Competition Committee, rules, rankings, tournaments, and much more.

Rule Change:  Recovery Rule
Extended length of rest between singles matches in Adult, Senior, and NTRP Divisions. In all singles matches in Adult, Senior, and NTRP Divisions in which the match format is two out of three standard tiebreak sets or more, a rest period of two hours shall be offered by the Referee before the player’s next singles match. This Rule does not apply to short set matches and matches that play a tiebreak in lieu of a final third set, nor to any match played indoors where the duration of the match is less than 120 minutes.

2013-14 USTA National Junior Tournament Schedule Changes
Summary of Changes to the National Junior Tournament Schedule
2013-14 Junior Competition Structure
2014 Sample Junior Tournament Calendar

2012 Information (updated 2/1)

  • 2013 USTA KY JR Tournament Seeding Procedure, click here (in pdf)
  • Click here   to view the 2014 Kentucky Junior Tournament Schedule (in pdf)
  • The 2013 USTA KY JR Tournament Rules & Regulations, click here.
  • The 2013 Kentucky Junior Tournament Level List click here (No changes from 2012)
  •  2013 KY & Southern Points Per Round Table, click here.

Mark your calendars for July 19-21 for KY JTT State! Start forming your team now!

2013 Southern Level

2013 Southern BullFrog Schedule

2012 KY JR CUP--click here

2012 National Tournament Levels...click here

Southern Level 3's will be slightly different in 2012--More Points Possible, Saturday-Sunday Play Only
Click here to see a description of changes to Southern Level 3s 

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All Junior Tournaments still use the traditional tiebreak procedures, not the Coman tiebreak


here for Southern's Rules & Regulations

here for Southern Endorsement information

BullFrog Southern Junior Cup Information

                                                                     Important Junior Information

Download the Medical Release Form (pdf)

2013 Southern JR Level 1-4 Tournament Schedule

2013 KY & Southern Points Per Round Table(pdf)

 Link to TennisLink Rankings for Junior Players

College Tennis Opportunities - a general guide for prospective student athletes (pdf)

Parenting Your Champion - find out where you rate! (pdf)


2013 Junior Competition Committee

Joanne Wallen, Chair   joanne@ltctennis.com                    
Sheila Horn
Rosemary Shiben
Bobbi Torsch
Beth Bush
Mike West
Jim Powell

Each year, the USTA Kentucky Junior Council will evaluate the appropriate levels of the events considered for Kentucky Junior Standings and Rankings.

If you accumulate 10 suspension points during a 12 month period, you shall be suspended from USTA Southern Section sanctioned events for 3 months and also from the next Southern Championship.  When a player has accumulated 6 or more points a letter is sent to the player informing him/her of being in jeopardy of suspension.  We (KY) look at these points when determining our Fed/Davis Cup teams.  Also, if a player is suspended, they shall be ineligible for selection to USTA Southern Section team events, Zonals, Competitive Training Centers and Training Camps for 12 months following the suspension.  So you see, Southerns is serious about behavior, entering two tournaments, etc.

This information follows the USTA National Rules found in Friend At Court. 


Friend at Court. This rule will apply to any sanctioned USTA event.


p 122 Regulation IV.A.2
Now states "The referee may penalize a player who is on site for lateness if a court is available and the player has failed to check in at the tournament desk by the scheduled match time."


p129 FAC Comment IV.D.1
"If five matches are scheduled at 10:00 a.m. but only one court is available, the Referee should call all matches shortly before 10:00 a.m. and should start the lateness clock on all players who have not checked in by 10:00 a.m. When more matches are scheduled that there are courts available, the Referee may put the matches out in any order. A player does not escape the lateness penalty because the player's match was one of the last matches to be put on the court. If one of the several matches scheduled at the same time is put out early and when the scheduled time arrives there is no available court, the lateness clock does not start until another court becomes available."


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