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Junior Competition

Click Here for a list of the current 2016 Sanctioned Junior Tournaments

For 2016 USTA Kentucky Junior Regulations, seeding procedures and points per round tables, please click here!


Understanding Levels of Tournament
*Please check the tournament list above for levels for each sanctioned tournament

Southern Level 1-3:
These are the most elite tournaments held in the Southern section.  These tournaments often require a certain ranking to participate in these tournaments and are organized and run by the Southern section.  For more information on these tournaments, please go to http://www.southern.usta.com/Juniors/tournaments_rankings/2016_level_14_tournaments1/?intloc=headernavsub


Southern Level 4: These are the Kentucky State Championships.  Every state in the Southern section is awarded 6 of these tournaments each year.  In Kentucky, these are the Ryan Holder, KY Clay Court Closed, Hilltopper Classic, Tornado Classic, Ashland Blazer, and LTC Clay Court.  The Ryan Holder and KY Clay Court Closed are designated as KY Level 1-A tournaments and the remaining 4 are designated as KY Level 3 tournaments.  These tournaments are a great opportunity for in-state kids to get high quality competition.  These are some of the most elite tournaments held in the state each year. 


Kentucky Level 1: In Kentucky, the Joe Creason State Qualifier is the only in-state tournament with a KY Level 1 designation.  Every Southern Level 1-A tournament is also designated with this Kentucky level ranking.  The Creason is the gold standard for tournaments in Kentucky and determines most bids of endorsement into the Southern Closed Championships, the top championship held in the South.  This tournament is open to all players from the state of Kentucky. 


Kentucky Level 1-A: As previously mentioned, the Ryan Holder and Clay Court Closed are given this designation.  Also, every Southern Level 2 (termed Icy Hot tournaments) are also given this ranking level.  Those tournaments are considered highly elite tournaments and require a certain ranking to qualify.  Not meant for beginner players.  Kentucky hosts 2 of these Icy Hot tournaments, one in the fall and one in the winter in Louisville.


Kentucky Level 2: These tournaments are any Southern Level 3 events, including 3 tournaments held within the state.  Two other events are designated as KY Level 2, the Junior Team Tennis State Championship (Advanced Division) and the Jason Isaacs Memorial Doubles Championship.  The Southern Level tournaments do require a relatively high Southern ranking to play.  The JTT State Championship and Jason Isaacs do not and would be good tournaments for intermediate level players.


Kentucky Level 3: These tournaments are designed for in-state kids with some tournament experience.  The 4 tournaments listed under "Southern Level 4" are the highlight events for KY Level 3, but many other tournaments are available around the state.  Intermediate and advanced players are most comfortable at these events. 


Kentucky Level 4: The majority of junior tournaments are given this designation.  These tournaments are normally held over 2 days and are welcome to all levels of player. 


Kentucky Level 5: These tournaments are considered "entry level".  Generally designed for beginner players, potentially playing in their 1st or 2nd tournament.  A great way to get kids a good experience at a tournament.     




 LTC Series #2 (KY Level 5)
February 20-21st
ID#: 700112217
Boys and Girls 10's (Orange Ball), 12's (Green Ball), 14's and 16's (Yellow Ball)


"Swing Into Spring" Junior Championships (KY Level 3, STA Level 5)
March 5-6th
ID#: 700097916
Boys and Girls 18, 16, 14, 12's (Yellow Ball) and 10's (Orange Ball)
*Singles and Doubles available for all divisions



USTA Southern has opened registration for grant applications for the Play It Forward initiative.  Over $1.2 million is available for programs and tournaments focused on innovative ideas and growth based programming.  For more details on the grant requirements, click here.  For the actual application, you can click here.  The deadline for this quarter will be March 31st, 2016.  For additional questions on the grant, please email John Callen at callen@sta.usta.com

LTC SERIES #1 (January 16-17, Lexington)
Boys 10 Singles: Max Hinson
Boys 12 Singles: Noah Volk
Boys 14 Singles: Ashwin Kamineni
Girls 10 Singles: Ellie Hammond/Eliza Croley
Girls 12 Singles: Emma Baker/Jaycie Mair
Girls 14 Singles: Emma Hill
Girls 16 Singles: Samantha Higgins


Click here for Southern's Rules & Regulations

Click here for Southern Endorsement information
Click here for 2015 Zonals information and deadlines (Tuesday, June 17th)

Important Junior Information

Download the Medical Release Form (pdf)

 Link to TennisLink Rankings for Junior Players

College Tennis Opportunities - a general guide for prospective student athletes (pdf)


2016 Junior Competition Committee

Joanne Wallen, Chair   joanne@ltctennis.com                    
Kerry Lancaster, Co-Chair
Sheila Horn
Rosemary Shiben
Beth Bush
Mike West
Rick Mount
Chris Dallas
Christopher Clarke

Each year, the USTA Kentucky Junior Competition Committee will evaluate the appropriate levels of the events considered for Kentucky Junior Standings and Rankings.

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